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Why having a cleaner is unlikely to change your life!

I know, I know, that sounds really negative! And I’m sure that as the boss of a cleaning company I should be telling you how employing a cleaner will free up lots of your spare time and will therefore revolutionise your life…… but the truth is that most of our customers fall into one of two groups. On the one hand there are those who regularly and thoroughly clean their own home. They have a routine of their own and expectations, quite rightly, that a cleaner will step into their shoes and take over – thereby freeing up all the time that they are currently spending cleaning themselves. The only problem is that, exactly for all the aforementioned reasons, these customers often find themselves cleaning BEFORE the cleaner arrives and then continuing with their own cleaning routine in between visits (not a bad thing if you only have a clean every other week). But not exactly assigning the cleaning routine to the ‘completed’ pile!
The other type of customer can be found at the other end of the cleaning spectrum and has minimal time or inclination to clean their house themselves – so employing a regular cleaner isn’t going to impact greatly on their time constraints or change their routine.
So, you are probably wondering why anyone should actually employ a cleaning service and what are the additional benefits? (other than coming home to a clean house!)
A lot of our customers mention the psychological benefits of employing our services – and, as well as the obvious lifestyle and health perks of living in a clean home, the mental health benefits and peace of mind greatly outweigh the perception of additional free time.
So if you’re considering hiring a cleaner because you have dreams of freeing up lots of spare time the chances are you really won’t notice (and if you do then its an added bonus!) – but, if you can embrace the psychological benefits then, as the saying goes “tidy house, tidy mind”.

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