When I moved over to Suffolk 6 years ago I started a small cleaning round which grew so big that I did not have time to fit everyone in so I made a decision to stop cleaning and return to the swimming pool. I had been a swimming teacher for 16 years prior to that so going back was easy. I still teach swimming today.

In June of this year I found myself working alongside the previous owner of Stour Sort and Sparkle, helping out with some cleaning and visiting new customers. I really enjoyed this and it developed into the purchase of the business, the rest is history as they say!

Stour Sort and Sparkle consists of a whole team of ‘Sparklers’ – All trained to the same high standards as we work together to provide a quality and reliable service to all of our customers, both regular and new.

I hope in the forthcoming year to commence with Colne Sort and Sparkle and Tendring Sort and Sparkle, both operating from the same professional model created and the training programme that was developed over the last two years and is now being adopted by other organisations for training their staff too.

We are very grateful to all of our customers past and present for their support.

Thank you!

Julie Stock