How to make the most of your cleaner….

A large number of our customers haven’t used a cleaner before – or maybe those who did have seen their lives and needs change since they last employed someone.

When you book a regular cleaner you will usually have your allocated slot in which to make the most of their time and get the best results. So how can you ensure that this is money well spent?

Think about what you want them to achieve in your home… If you are a family of six with five dogs and three cat’s then two hours every-other week is probably not going to be enough time for anyone to clean thoroughly. But if this is what your budget dictates then consider asking them to prioritise on the rooms that need the most attention; communal areas like the hallways and sitting room and family high-use areas like the bathroom and kitchen.

Consider booking additional hours ‘as and when’ to clean other rooms.

As a general rule a good home clean of a 3-bed family home can be achieved in 3hours each week. This means that the cleaner can keep on top of things and, develop a routine for ‘rotating’ rooms and concentrating extra time on different areas each week as needed.

We always discuss the customers needs before we start (and when possible attend for a ‘meet and greet’ visit so that both client and team members can start the right way). But ongoing communication is key – whilst a professional cleaner will know which areas need the most attention (and those that will take the longest) they don’t know how you ‘live’ in your home and the things that are important to you. Maybe you rarely use the sitting room but spend lots of time in the kitchen. Would you like the dining room left but ‘freshened up’ at Christmas? If a ‘spare room’ is rarely used it won’t need a weekly clean. Let the cleaner know, then you can be sure that their time is better spent.

And that cobweb that you’ve noticed if you lay at a certain angle on the sofa with all the lights on…. At different times of the day and from different angles it may be missed – speak up!

This is a ‘hot topic’ amongst customers, should you or shouldn’t you ‘clean’ before the cleaner comes? Maybe cleaning is unnecessary but anything you can do to allow them to concentrate on cleaning means their time (and your money) is better spent. If you can tidy items away or clear floor surfaces then valuable minutes wont be wasted clearing a path for the hoover.
The same applies to washing up – unless you’d rather not – but washing up last nights plates so that we can access a sink takes valuable minutes away from elsewhere.

If you find a good cleaner then treat them well! The Sort and Sparkle girls are hardworking and diligent and will often go the extra mile; but expecting them to clean up human vomit or other bodily fluids is out of their remit! (And yes, they have been asked) Maybe in this instance you should ‘clean before the cleaner’……